With the upcoming monsoon, we, as riders are worried about protecting our pride and joy from rains. People have questions right from “Is it OK for a bike to get rained on?” to “how to protect my motorcycle from rusting”. So decided to put together a guide with tips. Here it is -

How to protect your motorcycle from rains:

  1. Keep the chain lubricated
  2. Prevent rust before it hits.
  3. Get covered parking / waterproof bike cover
  4. Clean your bike regularly
  5. Know correct way of riding in Rains.

Keep your motorcycle safe in rains

Before we begin, let us get couple of other points out of the way. 

Is it OK for a bike to get rained on?

It is generally ok as long as your motorcycle is not standing out in heavy rains for weeks. Just follow these simple tips and keep your bike like new. 

Pre-Monsoon Check-up

This check-up is to be done before rains actually start. Let’s first look at what you should be doing as Pre-Monsoon Check-up

  • Replace old/worn out tyres
  • Replace brake pads/liners, if required
  • Check headlight, brake light and indicators are working properly.

Tyres are an essential part that provide grip while you are riding. During rains, the normal grip level of tyres reduce and if you are riding on bald tyres, chances of you slipping are very high. So replace the tyres, if they are worn out. Check tyre wear indicators on your bike.

tyre wear indicator

Same is the case with brake pads/liners. Water reduces braking and increases your stopping distance so having brake pads or liners that actually work is essential. Lastly, check that all lights work. Rain reduces visibility to a large extend so you need to (a) see others and (b) make yourself visible to others clearly.

We have not covered motorcycle servicing/replacing other parts because we assume that you get your motorcycle serviced routinely. If not, get it serviced.

Now that the pre-monsoon checkup is taken care of, let’s look at other essential things to protect your bike during rain:

1.Keep the chain lubricated

A dry chain in rains is sure way of getting a rusted chain within 3-4 days. Whatever you do, do NOT let the chain dry out. Keep it well lubricated so that rains don’t get on surface of chain. This issue is extremely important for riders who stay in coastal area. Salty weather is your enemy. Slay it right now. If you want to know correct technique for cleaning and lubricating chain, click here.

There are a variety of chain cleaners and lubricants available in the market. A chain cleaner removes all the dirt and sludge that sticks to the chain after a long usage. And lubricant, as the name says, lubricates the chain. The mixture of oil, grease and dirt eats up a chain’s life and hence should be cleaned routinely.

5 Essential Things to Protect Your Bike during Rain

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2.Prevent Rust before it hits

Use grease/petroleum jelly on the battery terminals. Don’t let them dry out / expose to any water. Rubber oil seals on suspension should also be coating with thin layer of petroleum jelly. This is simple ₹5 fix.  What is your excuse for not doing it?

Chrome plated parts, if in good condition prevent any kind of rusting. In case, any chrome plated part has chipped (some portions of chrome plating have gone missing), you can use petroleum jelly / grease on those spots.

Things to do to protect your bike from rain

3.Get covered parking / waterproof bike cover

If you have access to a covered parking where your motorcycle won’t be in direct rain, it would be great. Now all of you may not have access to covered parking. But you can always request some neighbour to temporarily accommodate your bike in his/her covered parking.

If that does not work, invest in a good waterproof bike cover. It is a small investment that will go long way towards keeping your bike clean / rust free.

how to protect motorcycle from rain

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4.Clean your motorcycle Regularly

This may sound idiotic when you have to ride your motorcycle every day in the rains. Why should one bother about cleaning it when it would get dirty next day? Simple. To prevent from rusting.

Layers of mud will hold water in it and would result in fast rusting of the exposed parts. So one should clean it every day after the ride. We aren’t talking about deep cleaning service. Just spray water on tyres, rims, footpegs, basically everywhere you see mud. Wipe off the mud. No need to even dry off the bike. You are good for the day.

Once a week, give a thorough cleaning so that hidden mud should be taken out. And lube the chain after cleaning.

keep your bike safe in the rainy season

5.Know how to ride in rains

This is the most important part of monsoon riding. If you know how to ride properly, you can enjoy rain riding. If not, you will be apprehensive every time you have to ride out. We have an excellent guide about riding in rains. Click here to know more about it.

If you want to know more about what you should wear to remain dry during rides, click here.

Hope that by following these tiips, your monsoon will be enjoyable and safe. Happy Riding.

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