Motorcycle Photography Tips / Tips for motorcycle photography 

When it comes to photography there are some composition rules that you should try to follow to make your shots look pleasing. When it comes to Bike photography, there are some key rules that you need to keep in mind. In every pic you take, you should try to get these three elements in the frame - Man , machine and terrain.  Let me list out a few basic composition techniques that you can try, more reading on these is recommended. 

  • Ratio of thirds/rule of thirds : place your element on the cross points of the line of thirds
  • Negative space : leave some room in front of the motorcycle and some headroom for the rider

Motorcycle photography tips

  • Lines, Geometry, pattern : leading lines from road markings or highway guardrails or street lights. Geometry could be repeating patterns from dashed lines on the road or you could create “symmetry” by keeping the bike at the center of a bridge or road. Symmetry from reflection from a puddle also creates a nice composition.

Tips for motorcycle photography

  • Framing foreground & create depth : Keep a foreground element like terrain, bike in middle ground and clearing of trees in the background to form a perception of depth
  • Sensation of speed : take panning shots which create a sensation of high speed. It describes fast motion.

Tips for taking photos on motorcycle

  • Water splashes or dirt being kicked up by the bike is another way to show action in your shots.

Motorcycle photography guide

  • Take Ultra Wide landscape shots with the “element” in that wallpaper to create a sense of grandness. Element being the bike/biker +rider or your riding group
  • Location adds value to your pics - Stop at spots which will give a nice frame showing the elements along with the bike.

Photography tips

  • Get low : A low angle show emphasises the imposing stance of bike and highlighting the terrain as well. Try inverted shots in puddles with reflections too if you can.

bike photography

  • Horizontal or Vertical? In technical terms horizontals are called as Landscape mode verticals are called as Portrait modes. Although the bike shots demand them to be Landscape/horizontal, people taking shots merely for instagram has made people shoot vertical as well. So its a personal choice where you wish to share it, however we would always suggest taking both the landscape and portrait shots.

motorcycle photography

  • Faster shutter speeds: Always try to use faster shutter speeds either by increasing ISO or wide aperture so that you get crisp shots. 
  • The bike usually looks good from A. Right front three quarters, B. right rear three quarters C. Dead profile right side or D. Dead front angles. Try using these angles to make the bike look good in your shots.

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