Action cameras have become indispensable for bikers, specially the ones who are into touring. It lets you capture the beautiful vistas of the new locations you ride out to without the need to stop every now and then. It has become an important tool for vlogging as well as you can shoot your POV (point of view) to make for an interesting video. We list out some handy tips on how to make the most of your action camera with your motorcycling. 

16 Best tips & Tricks for action camera photography for motorcycle tour

action camera

Before we begin with the tips, a few rule of thumb for action camera photography. 

  • 2 Cameras are better than 1. 
  • 2 cheaper cameras are better than 1 expensive Gopro Hero 8. 
  • The more the mounts/angles the merrier it is. 

Caution : You may have to upgrade your old pc to work with high bit rate footage from action cams. You will definitely need to give time for post processing after you get your pair of action cams.

So here are the top tips for using an action camera for your bike trips.

  1. Use cameras from different angles. Mount 1 camera on helmet or handlebar or chest mount and the other on bike looking back , seeing the swingarm or pointing at you.
  2. Try using the chest mount as it gives the most active point of view. N.B. Doesn’t work well with supersports or bikes with big windscreens.
  3. Avoid the camera on the helmet as it adds weight and spoils the aerodynamics too which you will feel at high speeds. However, it shoots what you see which is kind of cool. So maybe for some time you can mount one camera on the helmet.
  4. Get a camera which has “electronic stabilisation” built in for a better looking smoother footage.
  5. Shoot in cine flat/RAW mode for both photos and videos as it gives you more control over shots in post processing
  6. Shoot in video + photo mode with photo interval as 5 secs or so, so that you keep on getting some pics too along with the video. 
  7. Keep changing the spots where you mount the camera to to keep different and interesting angles.
  8. Keep spare batteries and a USB portable charger for batteries that you can charge on the go.
  9. Shoot in 1080p 60fps so you can slow down the footage by 50% later if you need it. 
  10. Prefix go pro mounts at different angles a few days before the trip. Clean the surface before you do so. Check angles it shoots before the D day. Always use a tethering cable with the camera when its mounted on the bike. Many go pros have been lost because the camera came off the mount or the mount came off the bike.
  11. Invest in at least a handle bar, roll bar, chest mount to begin with. 
  12. Try using different clips from different angles to make the footage interesting.
  13. When using helmet camera, keep the camera angle in mind. If you have adjusted the camera when you sit straight, crouching may change the angle completely. 
  14. Use an app to adjust the camera angle before you start filming.
  15. At every break/pit stop, make sure the camera lens is clean. Sometimes a dead fly on the lens may ruin your hours of footage all together.
  16. Get creative with your camera angles. Some will work, some won’t, but the new angle will definitely make your video look awesome.

How to mount action camera on helmet

action camera Basic Accessories

There are three places where you can mount the camera on a helmet.

  • On the top, which gives a top and clear view of the road and scenery ahead. But it may also cause a lot of wind drag at high speeds and cause discomfort to the rider and the shaky footage may disorient the viewer.
  • Side of the helmet : Skewed perspective, and unbalances the helmet. Seems to be a good POV shot with helmet as a frame of reference.
  • In front of the helmet at chinbar. But the weight of the camera makes the helmet unbalanced and causes wind drag making it uncomfortable for the rider. Offers the best POV of the rider.  (You can get a really good and useful chin mount here

How to mount action camera on Motorcycle

action camera Handlebar mount

  • Handle bar : you can get clear footage of the road or the rider if you flip it 180 degrees.

action camera Basic accessories

  • Tank : Gives a good clear view of speedometer and what is ahead.
  • Tail mount : Can be used to see the body position of rider and occasionally can be used to see the riders coming behind 
  • Mount on Crash bars : Gives a movement perspective of how the suspension is working under harsh terrain. In off roading, also gives a nice perspective if you go through water crossings or scraping the bushes on a narrrow trail.
  • Mount on pillion footpeg stays: gives a nice perspective of path left behind with the rear suspension working hard to keep the bike stable.

How to mount action camera on Chest

Chest strap mount

  • One of the best mounts if you ride off road or ride a street bike. It gives a riders perspective with arms in action and the bike being moved around in an interesting way. However some folks don't like to use this as its a little inconvenient to mount or unmount the camera with the strap.

We wish that the above tips and suggestions will help you create amazing riding content to share with us all.

Ride safe, shoot more, create awesome.

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