When it comes to motorcycle riding jackets, we, riders look for protection level. Of course, we need to look stylish in them but protection is why you buy a riding jacket. And there are so many biker jackets around that it is very easy to get confused. But not all jackets are born equal. Some are better than others.  Let’s first try to answer the question: 

What does CE level 2 mean?

CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA)

  • CE Level 1 protectors: The maximum transmitted force must be below 18 kN, and no single value shall exceed 24 kN 
  • CE Level 2 protectors: The maximum transmitted force must be below 9 kN, and no single value shall exceed 12 kN.

In simpler terms, during a crash/fall less force is transferred to your body by CE Level 2 protectors when compared to CE Level 1. So the easiest way to get a riding jacket that assures better protection is to buy one that offers CE Level 2 protectors.

Now you must be thinking that buying a biker jacket that offers CE Level 2 armour would be expensive. Not really. We have shortlisted 5 riding jackets that won’t make you bankrupt while buying. They are listed from cheapest to more expensive. Here are the 5 Cheapest CE Level 2 riding jackets -

  1. Scimitar Razor Riding Jacket V3 - ₹5,999/-
  2. Rynox Air GT V3 Riding Jacket - ₹6,350/-
  3. Aspida Prime Nemesis 2 Riding jacket - ₹7,950/-
  4. Rynox Tornado Pro V3 riding jacket - ₹8,350/-
  5. Zeus Raptor 3 Smart Riding jacket - ₹7,900/-

Now let’s look at each on in detail.

1.Scimitar Razor Riding Jacket - V3  - ₹5,999/- 

Scimitar Razor Riding jacket-ce level 2 motorcycle jacket india

Manufactured from Heavy Duty Ballistic 600D & Dynatec™ fabric, its Rugged yet comfortable to wear. It is designed for maximum ventilation and abrasion resistance. Detachable Rain liner makes it true all season riding jacket.

It is available in 6 colour options in sizes XS to XXL. 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects. 

What we like?

  • Comes with both rain and thermal liner.
  • Attractive contemporary design
  • Use of 3M Scotchilte™ reflective material.

What we dislike?

  • Does not have Level 2 Armor on its back, although Dual density Armour is present.
  • Lacks armor at the chest region. 


At the price of just 5,999 this jacket has all the bells and whistles a rider requires. CE Level 2 protection with both thermal and rain liner, what else do you need? A true value for money bargain.

2. Rynox Air GT V3 Riding Jacket - ₹6,350/-

 Rynox Air GT V3 Riding Jacket

Rynox Air GT is a no-nonsense jacket for the no-nonsense motorcyclist. This jacket has large ventilation panels on front and back so good for warm weather. The Rynox Air GT jacket comes equipped with internal rain and thermal liner. However, the internal rain liner is suitable only for light showers and if you plan on riding long distance in rains, it won’t be sufficient.

This riding jacket is equipped with Safe-Tech (Italian) CE Level 2 protectors at elbow, shoulder and back. So ample protection offered. You get a Rynox Wingman personal accident insurance cover of INR 50,000/- with the purchase of this jacket.

It is available in 3 Colours and from S to 5XL sizes.

What we like?

  • CE Level 2 protection all around.
  • Excellent look /feel. Feels modern and not some old design.
  • Reflective strips on chest, arms and back.

What we dislike?

  • Rain liner that is not completely waterproof.


A do-it-all jacket. Protection, comfort, looks - it checks all the boxes.

3. Aspida Prime Nemesis 2 Riding jacket - ₹7,950/-

Aspida Prime Nemesis CE level 2 Riding jacket-Top five cheapest motorcycle jackets in India

Aspida Prime Nemesis was one of the first riding jackets to get Level 2 armors, now the updated Nemesis 2 retains that level protection with more features. It comes equipped with CE level 2 armour at shoulder, elbows and back. The largest sized back armor in the industry offers the maximum coverage for maximum protection.

Available in 3 colours in sizes XS to 5XL. 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects.

What we like?

  • The Rain liner can be use independently as a separate wind-cheater/rain block.
  • Comes with polar fleece thermal vest.
  • Comes with Level 2 armour at the back too.

What we dislike?

  • Lacks armour at the chest region. 


A great jacket to shield you from the extreme cold temperatures to the heavy rainfall. Planning to visit the Himalayas? Don’t forget to get this jacket. It is also available till 5 XL size, So if you need a plus size jacket, this is the one to go for.

4. Rynox Tornado Pro Riding Jacket - V3 - ₹8,350/-

Rynox Tornado Pro Riding Jacket CE Level 2-Best Motorcycle Jackets in India [ Updated 2020 ]

One of the safest jackets in the markets with KNOX® (British) armour at Shoulders and elbow and Safe-Tech (Italian) CE Level 2 protector at back. The new V3 is the upgraded version of already successful V1 and V2 Rynox Tornado Pro Riding jackets. You also get a Rynox Wingman personal accident insurance cover of INR 50,000/- with this jacket.

Available in 3 colours in sizes S to 5XL. 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects.

What we like?

  • Pockets to add chest protector.
  • Rain liner is made from Reissa membrane. It is breathable – it means it allows air to pass through but prevents water droplets to seep through.
  • Retro reflective panels on back, front and arms.

What we dislike?

  • Although it comes with pockets of chest armour, the armour needs to be purchased separately.


A great option for sport tourers out there. The KNOX branded amour means that you get the best  quality protection. The back, side and front have reflective panels so it’s a very safe jacket to use during night rides.

5. Zeus Raptor 3 Smart Riding jacket - ₹7,900/- 

Zeus Raptor 3 CE Level 2 riding jacket-Best riding jackets under ₹10000

The Zeus Raptor 3 is a mesh riding jacket / summer jacket - rugged, strong and yet soft & comfortable to the touch to keeps you cool and safe at the same time.  Zeus Raptor 3 smart mesh riding jacket comes with intelligent features which makes it the world's First Riding Jacket. Embedded with smart micro sensor which connects with the Zeus Smart Connect sensor and syncs with your smart cell phones. Right from GPS Tracker, SOS, Rider Crash Detection and many more features.

It is available in 3 colour options in sizes S to XXL. 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects.

What we like?

  • 3D mesh provides ample ventilation.
  • Level 2 protection at back as well.
  • Comes with Zeus Smart Connect feature.

What we dislike?

  • Lacks armour at the chest region. 


A great overall jacket with plenty ventilation and protection even for back. If you are a tech freak or simply looking for the cheapest riding jacket offering CE Level 2 protection, you will definitely love all the smart features this jacket offers. 

Another point you should consider is Chest Protection. None of these jackets come with protectors for chest area. In fact, hardly any riding jacket will offer chest protectors as standard fitment, but you can choose an of these Chest protectors to increase protection of their jackets

Which one would I choose?

Now this is a tough choice to make. All these jackets have more or less similar features. But then you would want to know our choice. Here it is –

  • If I have a low budget and I want CE Level 2 protection, the scimitar razor v3 would be my first option.
  • If budget is not a constraint, I would go for the rynox storm evo eyes closed.
  • If I want to balance between budget, features and overall value for money, I would choose Zeus Raptor 3 Smart Jacket. It is the only jacket to offer smart connect feature & CE level 2 protection even at the back.

On a side note: If you wish to have Level 2 protection and not buy a jacket, you definitely go for the Zeus Troy CE level 2 body armour.


This is a light weight protector jacket designed to be worn under your t-shirt. It is 100 % perforated for maximum breathability and air ventilation. CE Level 2 protectors on shoulders, elbows and chest. CE Level 1 protector at back provide ample of protection.

Note: Zeus Troy is not a direct competitor with riding jackets. It is to be worn inside T-shirt / windcheater.

Last but not the least, if you don’t want to buy a new riding jacket but want to upgrade protection level of your existing jacket, you can get one of these CE Level 2 protectors. Fit them in your jacket and voila, you have CE Level 2 protection.

Note: We have focussed only on nationally known brands. 

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