SCUD Exhaust for Royal Enfield - Barrel Exhaust

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Quick Overview

Scud stylish bullet exhaust for the bulleteers. Scud by Barrel Exhaust looks simple but grabs attention like no other.

SCUD Barrel Exhaust - A name derived from the lethal missile that destroyed targets and shreds it into pieces. The design team were given a task to make something that can look simple but must be grabbing attention like no other. A masterpiece crafted with care and elegance, SCUD is all set to be the next big wave among the Bulleteers across the globe. SCUD has also proved to be very good with throttle response and power delivery with a bassy thump that is nothing but music to ears.

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Note: Using any aftermarket product on the motorcycle may void the motorcycle manufacturer's warranty and Barrel Exhaust, it's team and selling partners are not to be held responsible for any loss arising due to the use of Barrel Exhaust product.

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