Rynox Bastion Bionic Knee Guard

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Rynox Bastion Bionic knee guards. CE Certified. Can be worn inside or outside your riding pants. Can be used with tall motocross riding boots. What more do you want?

Rynox Bastion are bionic knee guards that are CE certified to standard EN1621-1:2012 for providing protection to knee and shin area. It provides extensive coverage for knee cap, sides and shin area.

Polypropylene hard shell slider with friction free finish assists in free slides without transferring any shock to your legs.

Two axis pivoting mechanism is designed to mimic natural movement of knee so you won’t even feel any constraint while wearing them. Unlike some other knee guards, Rynox Bastion has different designs for left and right sides. It helps in perfect fit.

These Rynox knee guard are designed to be used either under riding pants or on top of them. They can also be used with tall motocross or adventure riding boots.

3D Moulded HD Foam backing provides ventilation and provides better fit. Contact portion of these knee guards are designed to absorb sweat. This HD Foam area can be removed from hard shell to make it easier to wash.

Let’s look at features of Rynox Bastion Bionic Knee Guards:

Features of Rynox Bastion Knee Guards:


  • CE Certified Impact Protection: Entire knee guard CE certified to standard EN1621-1:2012 (knee and shin)
  • Superior Coverage: Comprehensive coverage for knee-cap, sides and shin
  • Hard Shell Slider: Polypropylene shell with a smooth friction-free finish, designed to assist in slides

Bionic Knee Guard Design

  • Dual Axis Knee Cap: Anatomically correct, two-axis pivoting design. Syncs with the natural movement of the knee.
  • Asymmetric Design: Asymmetric left and right sides; developed to conform perfectly


  • Versatile Applications: Developed for use over or under riding pants. Can be worn with tall ADV or motocross boots.
  • Easy On. Easy Off.: Super easy to wear and remove on the go. Set-it-and-forget-it girth adjustment.


  • 3D Molded HD Foam Backing: Provides ventilation. Facilitates secure and personalised fit. Further assists in impact protection.
  • Sweat Wicking: Contact liner designed to absorb sweat away from the body.
  • Easy to Wash: HD foam backing semi-detaches from the shell. Makes it super easy to rinse and dry.


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