Jumbo Disc Brake for Royal Enfield

As low as ₹6,300.00
Quick Overview

Get the extra stopping power for your Royal Enfield with these Jumbo disc brakes. Size of Normal Disc: 280mm Vs Size of Jumbo Disc: 320mm. Suitable for all UCE models with stock brake setup. (Not compatible with any aftermarket brake setup installed by user)

If you have ever noticed fast bikes generally have big brake discs because faster and/or heavier bikes need better brakes. Having a larger disc up front can be a life saver!

The extra stopping power is achieved simply by better leverage to the wheel. You might say I don’t ride fast so why do I need it? Because even if you don’t ride fast; the need to stop fast can happen at any moment and if your brakes aren’t able to stop you; all you can do is watch as you ride into disaster! Even at 70Km can be fatal. If it saves your life once it is money well spent. .

Now get the advantage of jumbo disc brake for your Royal Enfield. Size of Normal Disc- 280mm vs Size of JUMBO DISC:-320mm

Suitable only for RE models with BYBRE calipers.

Note: It is recommended not to use Jumbo Disc on cheap alloy wheel.

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