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Heel Plate for RE Himalayan (also known as Foot Guard, Brake Caliper Protector etc) is a compact plate to protect the Rear Brake Caliper from damage.

The stock Brake Caliper of Himalayan is unprotected and is prone to damage from foot or during a fall. Adding Heel Plate, which is very compact and looks amazing on the bike, gives you that added protection and peace of mind. Also it makes your bike stand out in the crowd and thus is a cost effective way of customising your bike.

Heel Plate for RE Himalayan is designed to look stylish and compact, while incorporating the safety feature. It is ready to be used legally on Indian roads.Fitted directly on the frame of the bike, where stock rear brake caliper is originally mounted, it requires no permanent modification to the bike.

It is available in 2 Style Types:

  1. Aluminium Version: Made from a single piece of Aluminium. It is lightweight, rust-proof, sturdy, and has Quality Finish.
  2. Stainless Steel Version: Made from a single stainless steel sheet. It is robust, rust-proof,  and has Quality Brushed Finish

The full product is made via a combination of various processes, including computer guided machining, to make sure all products are identical. The computer based machining makes sure the product is made within a narrow tolerance and is made as intended by the designers.

Fitting the Heel Plate is so easy, that even a novice can do it, using basic tools.


  1. The Aluminium Version has been given colors with the process called Anodizing. This is a very high grade coating, which makes it suitable for all weather use.
  2. The Stainless Steel Version has been given Brushed finish with the process called Buffing.


  1. Motofusion Heel Plate (1 No)
  2. Spacers (2 Nos) (For Gap between Caliper and Plate)
  3. Bolts (2 Nos) (To replace stock bolts)
  4. Washers (2 Nos)
  5. Protects Rear Brake Caliper.
  6. Available in 2 variants: Anodised Aluminium and Brushed Stainless Steel.
  7. Color Coated to give perfect mix of quality and style.
  8. No permanent alterations needed to the bike.
  9. Fits Royal Enfield Himalayan.

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