Yamaha R15 V2 fender eliminator kit (Tail Tidy)

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Clean up the looks of your R15 V2 with this fender eliminator kit kit. Give your bike the sporty appearance that it deserves.

Tail Tidy kit (also known as Fender Eliminator kit) is a compact replacement of the original, bulky stock rear fender (Number Plate Bracket). The original, stock fender is huge and unsightly. Replacing it with this compact Tail Tidy kit makes your R15 V2 stand out in the crowd.

This Tail Tidy kit for Yamaha R15 v2is designed to look stylish and compact, while incorporating stock indicators, number plate and number plate light. Ready to be used legally on Indian roads. Fitted directly on the frame of the bike, where stock rear fender is originally mounted, it requires no permanent modification to the bike. Made from a single piece of steel, the Tail Tidy kit is lightweight and sturdy.

Specifications of fender eliminator kit for Yamaha R15 V2:

  • Great alternative to the standard unsightly mudguard/number plate brackets.
  • Manufactured from steel and powder coated to give perfect mix of quality and style.
  • No permanent alterations needed to the bike, and is a direct replacement for the standard part.
  • Use with your existing indicators, tail light and number plate.

Note: This tail tidy only fits Yamaha YFZ R15 V2.0.

Package includes:

  • Tail Tidy kit (1 No)
  • Zip Ties (To keep the wires organised)
  • Plastic Tube (1 No) (To organise the wires outside the bike)
  • Foam Tape Strips (To prevent rattling between Tail Tidy and Number Plate)


  • You have to use your stock Indicators, Number Plate Light and stock Number Plate with this Tail Tidy kit.
  • In order to make it compact, there is no mounting for stock rear reflector on Motofusion Tail Tidy. You may, however, put reflector tape on the tail tidy or number plate itself.
  • These tapes are available easily and cheaply, at all 3M stores, Number Plate customization shops and other customization places.

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