ViaTerra Tundra Waterproof Riding Gloves

Quick Overview

ViaTerra Tundra was designed with the sole purpose of offering a more comfortable monsoon as well as winter rides with the best protection. DryTerraTM Tech waterproof membrane will keep your hands completely dry even during blistering rain. The updated Tundra now comes with CE level 2 knuckle guards from Sas-Tec. 3M thinsulate with large air pockets offers insulation from the external chills and helps trap the body heat within the gloves.

ViaTerra Tundra Waterproof Riding Gloves Features:

CE Level 2 Knuckle Protectors 

Visco elastic CE level 2 protectors from Sas-Tec are placed over the knuckle to ensure your hands are well protected by absorbing the impact. The soft and flexible viscoelastic armour takes away any possible discomfort caused by the hard TPU protector in the previous version. They come in 2 sizes to offer better coverage across a wider range of knuckle width.




Dryterra Tech Membrane

The specially engineered Dryterra tech waterproof membrane ensures your hands are comfortable and dry in the rain. Dryterra tech membrane offers 100% waterproofing as long as entry point to the gloves is covered properly.


3M Thinsulate

The best-in-class Thinsulate insulation from 3M is used to keep you snug and warm in cold weather riding conditions. 3M Thinsulate features large air pockets to trap heat, allowing the gloves to remain extremely warm for an extended period of time.



Super Fabric

SuperFabric is world-renowned for its higher abrasion and cut resistance. Tundra's palm area is reinforces with double-stitched SuperFabric inserts with EVA padding offering high abrasion and impact protection.

Finger Protection

Tundra comes with foam paddings on the fingers for impact absorption in case of an unfortunate fall.



Touch Sensitive

An additional layer of leather with a special conductive coating on the index and thumb tips of the hands for easy operation of touchscreen devices.


Engineered SuperGrip silicone texturixed panel at the purlicue (the area between fore-finger and thumb) and on the fingertips of the index and middle fingers which offers superb grip on the bars as well as assists with smooth lever operation even in wet conditions.



Visor Wipe

Strategically placed soft viper on the left hand of the Tundra helps clean the helmet visor in rainy conditions.

Maximum Coverage

Tundra offers wide coverage on the side of thw hands with the help of an addtional layer of leather on the palm and pinky fingers, Superfabric on the palm region, and a longer gauntlet. The longer low-profile gauntlet allows you to even wear the jacket over the gloves.




Accordions panels are added on all fingers and back of the hand for an additional stretch when operating the clutch and brake.

Dual Wrist Closure

A double closure system on the wrist ensures secure hold on the hands to prevent slippage of the gloves during crash.



Leather On The Palm

We chose to use goatskin leather on the palms to offer better abrasion resistance and natural water resistance. This work better as compared to textile due to the oils present in the leather.


The Tundra comes with 3M reflective piping on the finger accordions for the enhanced visibility in the low light conditions.




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