Submersible Washer - rechargeable battery model

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Quick overview:

Premium submersible washer. Easy to operate, wash your car easily and thoroughly in 10 minutes.

Price: ₹6,295.00

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The ResQtech submersible washer is the most compact of them all. This washing system is a submersible pump which you can charge and put at the bottom of any bucket, turn it on and you are ready to clean the scum from your bike! The pump should be run with the included wall adapter or charge it and use it with the high capacity Li-on battery already included.

The Gardening Nozzle (Max Pressure: 5 Kg/m2) can be used to create a high pressure jet to get the sticky mud off the bike. The included 5 meter pipe is long enough to move around your vehicle without lifting the bucket time and again. The cleaning brush can be used to clean and wipe the surfaces from dirt and mud. Once cleaned of all the dirt and grime, you can wipe clean the water/wet surfaces with the (included) micro fiber towel.

The package includes:

  1. Gardening Nozzle (1pcs)
  2. 100 x 40cm Microfiber towel (1pcs)
  3. Instruction Manual (1 pcs)
  4. Replaceable brush(1pcs)
  5. Car charger (1 pcs)
  6. wall charger (1 pcs)

Want to know more about all the features of the Submersible Washer - rechargeable battery model? See the video below : 


Sizing Chart & Other Info
Sizing Guide No
Pipe Length 5 mtr
power Works on a Rechargeable inbuilt High Capacity Battery as well as cigarette lighter/12 Volt DC power supply.
pressure 5Kg/m2

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