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Quick Overview

Shima STR-2 Motorcycle Gloves - full gauntlet sports gloves made of premium goatskin leather. Perfect for all those superbikers looking for no compromise motorcycle gloves. 

Crafted from the soft, goatskin leather Shima STR-2 Motorcycle Gloves is equipped with pre-curved fingers construction and numerous elastic panels on palm and fingers which allow to adapt for hand mobility while steering the motorcycle.

To meet safety requirements, Shima STR-2 Motorcycle Gloves feature main knuckle protector reinforced with carbon fiber and special panels situated in areas most vulnerable to injuries. The fingers were secured by soft protectors and hard shell finger sliders. On the side and inside of a glove there is an additional reinforced layer of leather, while front palm is even more supported by SAP™ palm slider and foamed panel. In order to eliminate the slightest pressure on the fingers, STR-2 is detailed with external seams there. The V-Lock™ hook and foam padded cuffs are just extras for your comfort and safety.

All these features ensure a high standard of protection for sport rides.

Full protection.

leather motorcycle gloves

STR-2 gloves are designed for sport, yet are still perfectly suitable for the street and highly protective for every use. The main knuckle protector is reinforced with carbon fiber while front palm is equiped with foamed panel and SAP™ palm slider. These gloves feature also hard shell finger sliders and finger soft protectors to provide the best possible protection for sheer riding pleasure. STR-2 gloves reflect the concepts of functionality, comfort and safety.

The more, the better.

summer motorcycle gloves

We've focused on adding extra durability to the STR-2. Gloves are made from finest goatskin leather but there is something more to protect your skin. Equipped with reinforced additional layer of material on the side and inside the glove, the STR-2 provides an extra resistance to injury and abrasion. Don't forget about the SAP™ palm slider. SAP™ logo label means that on design level the product has been prepared for taking into account different types of crashes riders involve into and has been prepared for handle them.

It's a biker thing.

motorcycle gloves

Good fit is valuable part of active safety. Well-chosen gloves are very important part of your gear that allows smooth operating of the motorcycle. This is a condition that high-end sports gloves should meet unconditionally. To meet these requirements, we detailed STR-2 gloves with external stitches on fingers. This way has eliminated the slightest pressure on the fingers, so even the most winding road will not be a challenge for the twist on the wrist. Our designers really have the fingers on the pulse of fitting and perfect handling. STR-2 gloves are featured with pre-curved fingers construction for easy gas handling during long hours spent on the motorcycle. Looking for the best feeling of comfort glove is equipped with special elastic panels. Numerous folds are situated on palm, thumb and fingers so the glove could easily adapt to changing hand position.

Could there be more?

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To meet modern motorcyclists' needs STR-2 gloves feature the TouchTip™ panel on index finger. The TouchTip™ technology enables the use of smartphone so you never have to take your gloves off when accessing your touchscreen gadgets. Featured with perforated leather STR-2 is perfect for summer days without sacrificing the quality every motorcyclist seeks. Don't forget to match colored gloves to your leather or accessory. This model comes in a wide variety of colors with vibrant contrast details and stand out against long leather gloves for sporty yet unique look. So, go for it and check out which of STR-2 gloves will get your attention.

30 degrees of initiation.

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A solid and strong V-Lock™ hook and foam padded cuffs are just additional features of the STR-2 for even grater comfort and safety. With its adjustment strap positioned at a 30-degree angle, and its buckle on the outer side of the glove, the V-Lock™ eliminates the need for endless tightening and ensures a good, firm fit, while ensuring your glove will never fall off thanks to its base-of-the-thumb strap placement.

Let’s see the features of Shima STR-2 Motorcycle gloves:

About Shima:

Shima is based in Pulawy Science Techology Park, Poland. Since 2009 , Shima has been taking care of riding experience of motorcyclists from different parts of the World. Created out of pure passion, Shima’s designs are the result of many years spent pursuing for better comfort, performance and first of all - Rider safety. Take a ride with Shima into the world of passion.

Warranty: 6 month manufacturer warranty

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