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The Weld-less design of this Radiator Guard for Royal Enfield Himalayan makes it look stylish, while providing optimum protection to the radiator.

Motofusion Radiator Guard for Royal Enfield Himalayan is designed to extend the life of the radiator by preventing damage to the fins and helping in maintaining the high efficiency of the engine. Radiator Guards are a must, if you love to drive off-road or you regularly commute on a road which usually has pebbles and other debris.

In normal circumstances, stones and other debris are thrown towards the radiator by the front tyre and by other vehicles passing nearby. These debris bends the fins and causes damage to the radiator. A radiator with bent fins has a lower efficiency than a brand new one. This leads to decrease in the engine cooling efficiency

Fitted directly over the radiator, these radiator guards prevent the stones and debris from hitting the radiator and damaging its fins. Sandwiched between the outer structure is the mesh, that has a net approximate air flow rate of 70%, thus providing an optimum balance between air flow and protection.

This Radiator Guard is made from single sheet of stainless steel. Bolts are made up of Stainless Steel, to provide a rust proof experience.

This Himalayan Accessory is made via a combination of various processes, including computer guided machining, to make sure all products are identical. The computer based machining makes sure the product is made within a narrow tolerance and is made as intended by the designers.

Fitting the Motofusion Radiator Guard on your Himalayan is very easy. It only takes basic tools to install it.


  • Motofusion Radiator Guard (1 No)
  • Foam Strip (To avoid Vibration Noise)

 Features of Radiator Guard for Royal Enfield Himalayan:

  • Protects the radiator from flying debris
  • Improves the looks of your motorcycle
  • Made from single sheet of stainless steel
  • Extremely easy to fit & remove
  • Brushed stainless steel finish
  • Fits: RE Himalayan


  • The radiator guard protects best against large and medium size stones and other debris. Protecting against tiny sized stones and other debris would require a smaller mesh, which in turn will reduce the efficiency of the radiator. Hence, Motofusion Radiator Guard has net approx. 70% air flow for optimum protection and efficiency.

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