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Quick overview:

Ride-on-Air Cushion is a seat pad/seat overlay that provides the user with unparalleled comfort during Long Rides. Forget the pain. Focus on the ride. Suitable either for Rider or for a pillion

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NexGen Mini Prime is a Premium Offering from Ride-on-Air that excels in both Form and Function.

It is a Plug & Play Solution. It can be Installed and Removed easily whenever needed. It can be installed on most of the Indian and Imported Motorcycles easily.

NexGen Mini Prime uses proven NexGen Mini Air Cushion, which is an Universal seat pad/seat overlay that provides the Pillion/Rider with unparalleled comfort during Long Rides.

Highlights of the NexGen Mini Prime Package -

  1. Meticulously Handcrafted Cushion Cover and The Precise Levelling Pump.
  2. The Prime Cushion Cover is a work of art with Bright Red Threads forming diamond checkered pattern.
  3. The Precise Levelling pump and air release valve permits quick and convenient adjustment.
  4. NexGen Mini Prime can also be used by the Rider in Motorcycles with smaller seats (KTM RC, Yamaha R15 V2 etc.,) 
  5. NexGen Mini Prime Air Cushion has 14 Interconnected Air Cells that help in Uniform Pressure Distribution.

Once you've tried it, you wont Ride without it ! Buy it today.

The kit contains:

  1. NexgenMini Air Cushion
  2. Handcarfted cushion cover
  3. Mounting harness - 2 nos.
  4. Precise levelling pump

You can buy air pump and mounting harnesses separately also.

NexGen  MiniPrime - Advantages :

# Uniform Pressure Distribution :

Ride-on-Air cushions have Interconnected Air Cells. When subjected to User Weight, each Air Cell does air transfer with the surrounding Air Cells.Thus, helping in Uniform Pressure (User Weight) Distribution across the Entire area of the Cushion, Eliminating the Painful Pressure Concentration and Numbness. This Level of Uniform pressure distribution is almost impossible to achieve with stock foam based Seats. 

# Faster Heat Dissipation :

Unlike the stock Foam based Cushions and Gel Pads, Ride-on-Air cushions have 2 Dimensional Airflow channels that allows free flow of air. This helps in Faster and better dissipation of heat generated by the User's Body and avoids moisture buildup.

# Shock absorption and vibration damping :

Ride-on-Air cushions absorb most of the Vehicle Vibrations and Harmful Road Shocks before they enter into the User's body.

# CustomizedCushioning : 

The Cushioning effect can be Customized to suit the weight of the User by changing the air pressure in the cushion. Because of this, Users of different weights can achieve the same level of Cushioning & Comfort. This level of Adjustable Cushioning is impossible in Foam based seats and Gel Pads. 

Sizing Chart & Other Info
Sizing Guide

Suitable for Motorcycles with Split Seats ( e.g.Z800, RC390, CBR 250 ). For Installation guide click here

No need to modify your stock seat as Ride-on-Air Cushion is a Plug & Play Solution suitable for almost all motorcycles. It can be Installed and Removed easily whenever needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Ride-on-Air Cushion is better than stock foam seats & Gel pads ?

Stock Foam based seats do not distribute the User weight (Pressure) Uniformly. As a result, the User is subjected to Pressure Concentrations. It results in Pain & Numbness.

Gel pads are better than stock Foam based seats in Pressure distribution. But, Gel pads cannot achieve the Uniform Pressure distribution Characteristics of a Ride-on-Air Cushion. Gel pads are Soft Copolymers in Semi-Solid Gel form. The Semi-Solid Gels cannot match the rapid fluid transfer characteristics of Natural Air, Used in our Ride-on-Air Cushions.

Ride-on-Air Cushions are constructed with 2D Air-Flow Channels, That help in dissipation of Heat generated by the User.

As there is no build up of Heat, sweat generation is also avoided. The Air-Flow Channels are Virtually non-existent in Stock Foam based seats and Gel pads.

Warranty period for Ride-on-Air Cushion 

Warranty covers a period of 1 year. Ride-on-Air Cushion and all its accessories are covered under warranty. Punctures are not covered under warranty. Defects and other Quality related issues are Covered under warranty.

What to do in case the Air Cushion gets punctured?

Our Air Cushions are not prone to punctures easily and puncture of Air-cushion is a very rare occurance. However, Punctures are unavoidable with any inflatable product. In case you come across any punctures, please contact us to initiate the Repair workflow. We offer puncture repairs at nominal charges for our customers. We will arrange and Schedule a Pick-up of the cushion, once the workflow is initiated.

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