PowerTRONIC Plug-in Piggyback ECU - for Ninja 250R / 300R

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Quick overview:

Performance has no limits with the PowerTRONIC Plug-in Piggyback ECU. Built on electronics that have fuelled over a decade of motorsport victories, PowerTRONIC marks the beginning of a new era in piggyback engine control. Now unleash the power of your Ninja.


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Price: ₹22,000.00


Power TRONIC plugs-in to your motorcycle, taking control over how fuel is injected and more importantly – how this fuel is ignited! By calibrating this to a high degree of precision for a particular motorcycle, Power TRONIC is not only able to extract more power but improve responsiveness, refinement and fuel-efficiency too. 

What sets Power TRONIC apart is its universal capability to control ignition systems on nearly any motorcycle – without additional controllers! Moreover traction control is provided, even for non ABS bikes through intelligently designed algorithms that detect slip and adjust power for seamless performance. With enough tuning in your hands, you can control when and how the ECU takes control of your bike.  

Key Features : 

  1. Pre-Tuned  Universal compatibility 
  2. Fuel and Ignition Control 
  3. Traction Control 
  4. Dyno-proven Performance 
  5. Extendable Rev-limit
  6.  USB Tuning Interface 
  7. Quick Shifter* 
  8. Switchable fuel and ignition maps* 

*Coming soon 

Detailed Features : 

Fuel calibration : +200%/-100% (0.1% resolution)

PowerTRONIC comes with pre-mapped optimal bike specific fuel maps and needs no further tuning; using RTune, you have complete control over fuel delivery and allows fuel injection to be handled easily and accurately supporting any modification from exhaust/intake upgrades to big bore kits and extreme turbo applications.

Ignition control – Advance and Retard: +/- 25 degrees

We’re proud of the level of ignition control PowerTRONIC has to offer. Being one of the very few Piggyback systems in the world offering unmatched control over ignition timing – both advance and retard without any additional controllers!

Extendable Rev-limit

With a fully programmable rev- limit as standard, PoweTRONIC gives you the additional revs when you need it whether it’s a long flowing corner or to bring the engine right back into the powerband on the upshift.

Plug-in OEM Connectors

Increasing performance has never been easier! The included bike specific wiring harness plugs-in within minutes and requires no cutting or soldering of wires. The latest PowerTRONIC series uses just two sets of connectors – to control ignition and injection signals. Intelligent algorithms sense engine load from injector pulse-width and does away with a third TPS (Throttle Position) signal. TPS is provided as an optional connection.

Downloadable maps :

Looking for the perfect map for your upgraded exhaust? Using 97RON fuel? No Problem. We’re continuously working to develop the best possible map for a given upgrade with dyno tested results and track proven performance. Visit the downloads section for available options.

Traction Control

PowerTRONIC uses fast-analysis logic on real-time RPM data to ascertain loss of traction. It then employs lag-less corrective strategy to control torque output to give you a seamless riding experience. For the pro-rider, the traction map is fully programmable and works with ignition cut and ignition retard.

The traction slip is sensed in two user selectable methods:

• The current RPM is compared with previous RPM and if the percentage difference is higher than the percent set on the map, it is recognised as slip.

• The rate of change of rpm is calculated to an equivalent equation of allowed acceleration measured by rpm_increase/sec, the threshold of which is set by the user. If exceeded, it is recognized as slip. This method does not look at previous RPMs for reference. Once slip is recognized, one can set a retard of 1 to 25 deg in ignition to seamlessly  reduce power or cut power altogether.  Access to fully configurable 2-Dimensional maps to control each of the following:

• Sensitivity Control | • Attack Strength Control

With this level of control, you can dial in the perfect intervention by controlling both when and how the ECU reigns in the excess horses. 

Seeking perfect corner exits, anyone?

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