MT Revenge 2 Skulls & Roses Matt helmet

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Want to be distinct without being too flashy or just want to show your gothic side, MT Revenge 2 Skulls & Roses matt helmet is the one for you. With ECE & DOT certification, these helmets are loaded with features.

The matt finish and distinctive graphics of this MT Revenge 2 Skulls & Roses helmet, you are sure to be remembered. And whatever your competition throws at you, you are ready to deal with it; thanks to the ECE & DOT certification, Multi Density EPS, Max vision visor and more.

Multi Density EPS acts like crumple zones of cars. In case of a crash, it deforms while keeping occupants safe.

Embedded speaker pockets enables installation of your Bluetooth communication system. Removable chin curtain also aids in cutting down the noise inside your helmet. Anti-wicking and hypo-allergenic internal fabrics absorb and dissipates sweat.

Reflective element on rear portion of padding makes you more visible to others during night rides.

MT Revenge2 helmets are made in two shell sizes. One smaller shell for XS to Medium sized helmets and a bigger shell for L to XXL sizes. So whichever size of helmet you buy, you get a perfectly fitting and perfectly sized helmet.

MT revenge helmet shell sizes

A Max vision visor provides a wider viewing port so that you can see more of the roads. Turbulators along the sides of the visor to reduce wind buffeting and cut down wind noise effectively. A push-to-release locking mechanism of visor makes visor movement easy. MT’s Quick Release System (QRS) helps in removing and replacing the visor effortlessly.

You can also put on anti-fog inserts (sold separately) for riding during rains/foggy weather. EU Ratchet fastener enables you to remove the chin strap even while wearing gloves.

2 year manufacturer warranty will ensure peace of mind & MT Helmets in India are eligible for free shipping. So what are you waiting for?

About MT Helmets: Established in 1968, MT Helmets has long history of helmet manufacturing. Currently operating in 80+ countries, MT helmets is known for quality helmets that are worth every rupee spent. Not only that, they are also fanatic about the highest security & safety certifications. All these years, MT helmets have been continuously innovating and developing new technology for better protection.

Features of MT Revenge 2 Moto3 Helmet:


  • HIRP (High Impact Resistant Polymer) Material is formulated by a polymer injected into very precise blocks for better lightness and impact resistance properties.
  • Multiple Shell Sizes - for the right customized fit.
  • ECE R-22.05 (EU) & DOT (US) approved.


  • Pinlock Ready Max Vision Visor equipped to attach/detach Anti-fog inserts. For a clear edge-to-edge vision even in foggy weather conditions.
  • Turbulators along the sides of the visor to reduce buffeting and cut down wind noise effectively.
  • Push-to-release locking mechanism for easy opening and closing of the visor.
  • MT’s Quick Release System (QRS) helps in removing and replacing the visor effortlessly.


  • Multi-density inner EPS, designed for better impact absorption. First in its segment.
  • Anti-allergic and wicking internal fabrics - absorbs and dissipates perspiration from the skin.
  • Laser cut foam padding for ultimate contoured fit.
  • Easily removable and washable interiors to keep helmet clean and odour-free.
  • Embedded speaker pockets for Bluetooth communication systems.


  • Reflective detail on the rear of neck roll.
  • EU Metal Ratchet fasteners for easy fastening and unfastening even while gloved.
  • HIRP High Impact Resistant Polymer shell (racing shell configuration) - moulded for improved protection.

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MT Revenge Helmet

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