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For all 4-cycle and 2-cycle engines with separate and mixture lubrication. Can also be used in oil-immersed multi-plate clutches. Dosage recommendation: during every oil change and for 2-cycle engines every time you fill-up. 4-cycle engines: 30 ml per liter motor oil; 20 ml for oil-immersed clutches. 2-cycle engines with separate lubrication: 20 ml per liter 2-cycle oil and with gasoil lubrication. 10 ml per 10 l mixture.

Engine wear protection on molybdenum disulfide basis (MoS2). Scientifically proven wear reduction up to 50%. Extends the engine life. The engine runs smoother, the oil and fuel consumption are reduced.

Increases engine quietness, fewer breakdowns. Cat tested.

Engine Oil Additives Properties :

  • Mixable with all commercially available motor oils
  • compatible with fine filters
  • tested for catalytic converters
  • highly economical
  • reduces running-in and operating wear
  • absolutely compatible with filters
  • reduces oil and fuel consumption
  • suitable for wet clutches
  • smooth engine running.
  • Technical data -

    • Base MoS2-Mineralöl / MoS2
    • Mineral oil
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