Chain Lube - Liqui Moly

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Initial and maintenance lubrication of power train chains. Especially suitable in dusty, dirty and corrosive atmospheres. For highly-stressed and high-speed chains with and without O-rings.

Fully synthetic chain grease. Extremely adhesive and water resistant. Excellent creeping and lubrication behavior. Especially suitable for high-speed chains. Reduces chain elongation and provides long chain service life. Biodegradability (Test CEC L-33T-82 in 21 days > 80 %). Optimal effectiveness only with unmixed use. We recommend cleaning the chain with Motorbike Chain Cleaner (part no. 1602) before use.

Liqui Moly Chain Lube Properties -

  • Reduces chain elongation.
  • Friction and wear reducing.
  • Resistant to acceleration forces.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Especially cold, hot and splash-water resistant.
  • Highest load-carrying capacity.
  • Excellent penetration action.
  • Outstanding corrosion protection.
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