Michelin Power Slick EVO Front Tyre

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Designed exclusively for race and track day use, the MICHELIN Power Slick Evo has exceptional levels of handling and grip. Whatever your level, it offers greater stability thanks to MICHELIN ACT technology.

The Michelin Power Slick tyre has been designed with flexible carcass that allows adaptable compounds to be used and is not overly sensitive to suspension and geometry settings. That allows you to spend your time on the track instead of the pits.

  1. The MICHELIN Power Slick tyre combines three main technological breakthroughs: 
  2. MICHELIN Two Compound Technology (2CT) for enhanced grip at lean,
  3. MICHELIN Synthetic Component Technology (SCT) giving light weight and
  4. Flexit, Adaptive Casing Technology (ACT) contact patch at all angles

Want to know more about all the features of the Michelin Power Slick EVO Front Tyre? See the video below : 


Safety, durability and the thrill of riding… all at the same time and with no trade-offs. So if you are looking for tyres for next track day, look no further. Buy Michelin Power Slick tyres today.

These tyres are officially imported by Michelin India and are made in year 2017.

No warranty available on tyres.

Warning: Serious or fatal injury may result from tyre failure due to incorrect selection, fitting, usage or maintenance of the tyre& incorrect repair.

Note :Even though the photograph shows the tyre pair, the price quoted is only for one tyre and not for pair.

About Michelin Bike Tyres:

Founded in 1832, Michelin with its seven R&D centers in different parts of the world, 69 tire manufacturing facilities and sales agencies in 171 countries, has a strong foothold on every continent.

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