Michelin Pilot Street Radial Front Tires

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The Michelin Pilot Street Radial brings the radial revolution to small and medium-size bikes!.

Meant for mid-sized bikes 150 CC+, for riders who expect riding pleasure with enhanced safety on road.

High Speed Stability

Radial Architecture offers precise handling and stability with long tyre life.

Excellent Grip in Wet Conditions

Silica based tread rubber provides excellent grip on wet surfaces. Wider grooves help in better water dispersion.

Attractive Tread Design

Sporty looking tread pattern gives your bike a smart and sporty look. Tread pattern is also designed to minimize uneven wear & maximise mileage.


  1. Optimized groove tread pattern
  2. Tread pattern designed to minimize uneven wear and maximize mileage while enhancing wet weather performance
  3. Variable groove width along the tread pattern
  4. High silica content for increased wet grip without sacrificing tire life
  5. Precision handling with high level of rider feedback
  6. Superior longevity compared to a primary bias-ply competitor

These tyres are made in Thailand, imported by Michelin India, are ISI marked and manufactured in August 2015.

No warranty available on tyres.

Warning: Serious or fatal injury may result from tyre failure due to incorrect selection, tting, usage or maintenance of the tyre & incorrect repair.

Want to know more about all the features of the Michelin Pilot Street Radial Front Tires? See the video below : 


About Michelin Bike Tyres:

Founded in 1832, Michelin with its seven R&D centers in different parts of the world, 69 tire manufacturing facilities and sales agencies in 171 countries, has a strong foothold on every continent.