Metzeler Sportec M5 Rear Tyre

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Metzeler Sportec M5 is the most versatile tyre for your super sport

Interact™ Technology. Five zone tension: the new tension layout ensures the best balance between mileage, high grip for sporty riding road riding and precision at maximum lean.

Interact™. New generation of riding feeling: an incredible sense of confidence whilst at lean and easy to stand back up to allow maximum grip when exiting a corner.

New high Silica compound sets the new benchmark of the segment for wet behavior across a wide range of temperatures for safety feeling and confidence on wet roads

Latest generation of high-performance compound, with a high Silica content and new reinforncing elements to give better stiffness and superior mechanical resistance. This new compound has been developed to guarantee a fast and efficient adaptability form cold to hot, dry to wet, normal road to racetrack use with high durability.

Properties :

  • Five zone tension: modular steel string winding tension.
  • New generation of Dura Sil compound Quick.
  • π shaped Tread Design.

Effect :

  • Linear change of tyre softness along the profi le.
  • Quick warm up and wet traction.
  • Modern look and Improved lasting.

Benefits :

  • Performance exactly where needed.
  • Safety feeling in every riding condition.
  • Cool and smart.

About Metzeler :

German quality and performance since 1892. At Metzeler, most of the people are enthusiastic motorcycle riders themselves. This means that they know the real needs, the expectations and the request of the riders. Metzeler motorcycle tyres offer best performance, without sacrificing safety and reliability.