Macna Assault Short Cuff Riding Gloves

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Macna Motorcycle Gloves Sizing Chart

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S 8
M 9
L 10
XL 11
XXL 12
Quick Overview

Macna Assault gloves are made from premium goat leather and Spandex that provides guaranteed flexibility. CE Certified Palm & Finger protection. Three way strap for secure & firm fastening.

Light, flexible and yet CE Certified protection define Macna Assault Short Cuff motorcycle Gloves. Pre-curved finger stitching puts less pressure on your fingers while riding.

R.I.S.C. palm protection, TPI Finger protection & #D Temperfoam knuckle protectors provide best of class protection.

Premium Goat leather and Spandex are soft, supple yet long lasting. Three way fastening system provides secure fastening and perfect fit.

ERGO thumb and finger tips enable you to use your mobile phone even while wearing the gloves.

Features of Macna Assault Short Cuff motorcycle Gloves:

  • Premium Goat Leather, Spandex materials used. Soft and supple yet durable.
  • Light , flexible armored short gauntlet riding glove.
  • Pre-curved motorcycle-riding specific design.
  • R.I.S.C Palm Protector &TPU Finger Protection for additional protection.
  • 3D Temperfoam Knuckle protector.
  • Three-way straps for secure and firm fastening and fit.
  • ERGO Thumb and Touch Tip for using mobile even while wearing gloves.
  • CE Certified Gloves


  • Not suitable for use during rains.
  • Six Month Warranty against manufacturing defects.

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