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Quick Overview

If you are looking for a saddle bags for Royal Enfield that can carry all your luggage, tents and more, Invictus Ride Marshal Saddlebag offers you 90 ltr. Capacity.

Invictus Ride Marshal saddle bags for Royal Enfield offers you maximum versatility and a whopping 90 ltr. carrying capacity in a bag that looks great.

External Features:

  • Fabric used for Invictus Ride Marshal Saddle Bag is 600x900D B-Cord fabric. Extremely sturdy and excellent load bearing capacity. This fabric also has good abrasion resistance so low speed crash doesn’t translate to a torn saddlebag.
  • Top flap of the saddlebag is hard top. This not only helps in retaining the overall shape of the saddlebag, it also helps in providing a level base for external luggage. External luggage can be mounted on both side tops of the saddlebag by using adjustable straps provided on bag.
  • Front side, back side and external side of the saddlebag has reinforced hard casing fibre that mimics the functionality of a hard pannier by retaining its shape.
  • Two soft PVC handles make it easy to carry the heavily loaded bag.
  • The base of the saddlebag has 3 anti-skid PVC base patches on each side.

Internal Features:

Inside layer of this saddlebag is made from “soft-to-touch” 600D TPU nylon. Roll top closure with Velcro and quick release buckles are provided. So you can easily fit dry-bag of any brand inside this saddlebag.


  • The two front external pockets are closed via zipper. Zipper is covered by a storm flap so in case of light rains, you need not put on the rain cover. Rear Mesh external pockets can carry a 5 ltr can each. So you won’t run out of fuel even in remote region.
  • 2 Internal mesh pocket for documents (one on each side) located inside the top flap provide quick access. 1 pocket each is provided on top flap of the saddlebag. One pocket contains a first aid kit (more details about this later in the article) and other pocket is for storing items requiring quick and frequent access. Both the pockets have zipper closure.

Extra Features:

  • First Aid kit is provided with the saddlebag and contains Steralised cotton, Hydrogen peroxide, medical tape, WHO-ORS sachet, Bandage, Neomycin cream (for treatment of infected wounds, burns and boils) Merbromin solution (topical antiseptic used for minor burns, cuts and scrapes.)
  • A 2ft x 2inch Velcro patch is provided inside the top flap on each side. It can be used for attaching your ICE (In case of emergency) information.

So if you are planning on going on a world tour or you are someone who loves to carry whole lot of luggage, this is THE saddlebag for you. And one year manufacturer warranty would provide peace of mind on your world tour.

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