Kawasaki has just shared a video of the screaming inline 4 exhaust note of the ZX-25R. It is expected that the 250cc motor will provide 45bhp, but it is also heard there might a separate version producing 60bhp.

While the motorcycle does look fairly similar to the Kawasaki Ninja 400, it does arrive with a bunch of differences. The motorcycle is heavily inspired by the bigger, ZX series motorcycles, and features a sharper front fascia.

The motorcycle also features new LED headlamps, an aluminum swing-arm, up-side down front forks, an adjustable mono-shock at the rear, clip-on handlebars, a semi-digital instrument cluster, and a gear-position indicator, and comes with dual-channel ABS as standard.

Put on your headphones, and hear this Screaming inline 4 rev all the way to 17,000rpm.

The motorcycle is expected to be sold almost exclusively in the brand's South-Asian markets, considering taxes are less for motorcycles that are 250cc and below. The ZX-25R was supposed to be launched on April 4; however the current pandemic has pushed that back for now.

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