The current pandemic has forced the closure of the opening 11 rounds of the 2020 season from its slot. Qatar, Dutch, German and Finnish Grand Prix are cancelled outright for this year.

Dorna has been working a new schedule of holding 10-12 races mostly cantered in Europe. In an online meeting Dorna has come in terms with Spanish GP venue Jerez to hold two races in July 2020. Hence to begin the season on July 19 with the Spanish Grand Prix, and the Grand Prix of Andalusia on 26 July.

"In the morning of today (Thursday) the Andalusian Government, through the Ministry of Tourism, the Jerez City Council and the Dorna company, have reached an agreement to hold two rounds of the MotoGP World Championship in the Jerez Circuit, on 19 and 26 July", said the vice president of the Andalusian Government, Juan Marín.

"From this moment on, we have to transfer, both to the government of Spain and, through the Dorna Company, to the International Federation (FIM), the request to carry out all the actions and requirements necessary to guarantee security and greet all the participants and teams that will be in Andalusia this summer”.

Dorna had mentioned that only 1600 personnel will be allowed as paddock crew too cover all Motogp, Moto2, Moto3 as well as the television crew.

Dorna will also buy 10,000 Covid-19 testing kit to regularly monitor the paddock personnel.

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