Due to on-going Coronavirus pandemic, numerous manufacturing industries were shut down completely. Now, the Indian Motorcycle industry is looking to get back into business. Both Honda and Yamaha are looking forward in re-starting production in India after taking measures to battle the disease.

All of the Indian motorcycle manufacturers started to shut their production lines by late March due to the Governments Lockdown to fight the Covid-19 disease. India is the second most populated country in the world but it ranks 15th pr 16th in the list of conformed Covid-19 cases across the world. Businesses across the country are figuring out ways to get back into production without endangering their staff. Honda and Yamaha both are looking to re-start production with new back-to-work safety protocols. Workplaces will regularly go through disinfectant procedures, employees will be made to practice physical distancing.

Even though the plants may be able to re-open, some workers may still be unable to return to the factories, as they’ve traveled to quarantined zones. The same problem applies to parts supplies. The OEMs say they may be facing shortages of key components that were produced in areas now shut down by quarantine.

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