Hero Xpulse 200 gets the BS6 variant. The Xpulse 200 was awarded the IMOTY2020 award and is one of the cheapest bikes to get to begin your adventure riding campaign.The new things to note are the change in the power and torque specs.

What's new?

The BS6 variant of the new Xpulse 200 sports a long exhaust which goes under the body as shown in the pic below.

Xpulse 200 bs6 exhaust

The new BS6 Xpulse 200 also carries an oil cooler on the left hand side. 

Xpulse 200 bs6 oil cooler

The Bad News

The Power of the older variant was 18.1 bhp @8000 rpm which has dropped to 17.8 bhp @8500 rpm. The torque of the BS4 variant was 17.1 Nm @6500 rpm which has dropped to 16.45Nm @6500 rpm.

bs6 Xpulse 200 variant

The kerb weight of the BS6 xpulse 200 has gone up from 153kgs to 157kgs. That means the power to weight ratio has gone down from 118bhp per tonne to 113 bhp per tonne which is roughly about 5% loss of specific output. 

The way exhaust is routed and bash plate changed, looks like an Indian Jugaad, see the pic below.

Xpulse 200 BS6 exhaust bash plate

Now let’s talk about the good news. Carb version has been discontinued and now there are 5 color options to choose from and all are Fuel injected bikes. 

BS6 red xpulse 200 fuel injected

We haven't got any update on the price front as of now, Hero website is showing the new bike in the pics and the price seems to be hiked to Rs.1,07,500/- ex-showroom from 1.05 lacs. 

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