A UK based company Electric Classic Cars known for kitting out classics from MG and Ferrari with electric powertrains and batteries have just come up with an all-electric Royal Enfield Bullet. The bike churns out 16bhp and has a range up to 129km. Named as Royal Enfield Photon, this bike starts its life as a Bullet 500.

The single cylinder Bullet 500 is first taken and all the internal combustion parts are removed. Instead an electric motor, speed controller and recharging hardware from the Zero S electric motorcycle is slotted in. It comes with 10kWH battery which slightly smaller than the Zero S.

It is pretty easy to work out the performance specs, as it has internals closedly matched to the Zero S. The bike has 80 miles range (129km, 16bhp and a top speed of 100mph (160kmph)

As for the price it costs £20,000 (approx. 18,80,977rs) which is simply mind-boggling. It surely Makes the Harley-Davidson Livewire seem like a decent buy.

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