Just like a Helmet or a Riding Jacket, gloves too are an important part of the riding gear. In case of a crash the rider instinctively tends to throw their hands forward to cushion their landings. The contact between the rough surface of the tarmac and your soft palms even at low speed will be a disaster for your hands. It not only will rupture the flesh but also damage/fracture the small bones and ligaments. Gloves just don’t protect your hands, they ensure that you have a better grip on the throttle as well.

You can choose from various types of gloves such as Short gloves, Semi gauntlet, and Full gauntlet. If you want to read more about them, we have a detailed guide about riding gloves

Gloves that you buy from big bazar for ₹300 will be more for show than any actual protection. So as long as you feel that your hands are worth protecting, avoid buying those. Buying riding gloves that provide good protection are not very expensive. Here we have a list of 5 cheapest (leather/leather+mesh) riding gloves in India. Here they are-

  1. BBG Snell Retro Gloves ₹2500
  2. Zeus Roland Mesh & Leather Gloves ₹2800
  3. Zeus Stealth Riding Gloves ₹2880
  4. Aspida Pegasus Riding Gloves ₹2925
  5. BBG Snell Iconic Riding Gloves ₹3000

Now let's look at each one in detail.

1.BBG Snell Retro Gloves

BB Snell Retro riding gloves

Constructed from a premium grade leather, these gloves provide great abrasion resistance and come with Internal Injection moulded knuckle protection. Comes with Pre-shaped, anatomical finger design and internal seams for comfort and exceptional feel. Can be used with touchscreen phones.

Price: ₹2,500

What we like?

  • Excellent comfort and protection.
  • Touchscreen friendly.

What we dislike?

  • Absence of Vents.


At a price of ₹2,500, these short gloves provide complete leather construction and comfort. Perfectly suitable if you love retro looks. Bang for your bucks.

2. Zeus Roland Mesh Leather Gloves

Zeus Roland Mesh Leather Riding Gloves

Manufactured from a combination of Goat skin leather and mesh, these gloves provide great comfort and protection for rides during the summer season. The mesh allows great airflow to prevent sweat and discomfort and the leather provides abrasion resistance. Thumb and Index finger can be used to operate a touchscreen smartphone.

Price: ₹2,800

What we like?

  • Full gauntlet design.
  • Excellent for summer riding.
  • Touchscreen friendly.

What we dislike?

  • Presence of mesh means less protection than full leather gloves.
  • No hard protection on palm


If you are looking for a full gauntlet design and also need ventilation and comfort then look no further. These gloves are perfect and serve that purpose.

3. Zeus Stealth Riding Gloves

Zeus Stealth Riding Gloves

These short gloves are perfect for the off-road and on-road enthusiast looking for a high degree of mobility and airflow. Manufactured from leather and mesh, these gloves have great airflow and protection. These gloves use Air stretch mesh which allows easy movement while riding.

Price: ₹2,880

What we like?

  • Comfortable and light weight
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Great for ADV riders
  • TPU hard shell knuckle

What we dislike?

  • No hard protection on palm
  • Leather+ mesh gloves means less protection than full leather gloves


The multiple stretch panels located at different parts of the gloves, provide ease in movement while riding making it perfect for exploring unknown trails with ease and comfort.

4.Aspida Pegasus Short Cuff Leather Gloves

Aspida Pegasus Riding Gloves

Named after the winged horse, this glove features an all-leather yet vented design providing both protection and comfort. Carbon fibre knuckle protection is an added bonus.

Price: ₹2,925

What we like?

  • Use of Brazilian leather which soft yet durable
  • Double layer on joints, pinky finger and palm.
  • Vented design.
  • Carbon fibre knuckle protection.

What we dislike?

  • No hard protection on palm
  • Not touchscreen friendly


If you are looking for a premium feel glove that provides comfort and protection this is it. Unlike other leathers, the Brazilian leather is soft and strong, hence providing high level of protection and excellent comfort levels.

5. BBG Snell Iconic Riding Gloves

BBG Snell Iconic Riding Gloves

Constructed from a Premium grade Leather which is highly abrasion resistant and features Ventilated TPU Metacarpal knuckle protection. The pre-shaped finger construction provides good mobility while riding. Has scaphoid protection in the palm region.

Price: ₹3,000

What we like?

  • Rubber padding & Scaphoid protection on palm.
  • Silicone panel on Palm for better grip.
  • Touchscreen friendly.

What we dislike?

  • Absence of vents.


If protection is the number one priority, this glove will definitely do the job. Only glove in the list to come with Scaphoid protection, which ensures that the palm remains safe from any injury.

Lookiing for a bit better riding gloves? Here you go -

Which one would I choose?

As for me I would go with Aspida Pegasus, the idea of having an entire leather built and the vented design will mean that I can use these gloves in summers as well. The Brazilian leather will provide a soft touch to my skin making it easier to use on longer rides.

What is your choice?

Note: We have considered only National brands who are known for producting quality riding gear. 

Let's have a look at few of the products we offer: