By the end of 2019, Japanese brand Kawasaki purchased Bimota. Soon after that, Bimota CEO Pierluigi Marconi started working on the construction of a new Bimota factory. Returning to the last location was completely out of question for both legal and functional reasons.

Pierluigi confirmed he was confident that Tesi H2 production would start no later than June. During the factory construction he was also finalizing the transition from the Italo-Swiss Longoni-Chiancianesi ownership to Kawasaki.

During negotiations, Pierluigi was able to recover all the components in the last attempt to keep Bimota producing the ultra-specialty Tesi 3D. Kawasaki has been quite respectful of this decision having no objection about the recovery and production of 45 units. The Tesi 3D is powered by an air-cooled Ducati SOHC 1,100cc V-twin in a 95-hp version.

That Ducati V-twin is Euro 3 homologated, hence the Tesi 3D is offered in markets which still recognize the validity of the original homologation. So that means this bike will be available only in US, UK and Japan. There will be 45 units with personalized graphics and the suspension will be upgraded to Öhlins.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the new assembly line never got to start. But these last Tesi 3Ds are worth the wait: Light, super-sharp, incredibly quick, and surefooted.

Let's have a look at few of the products we offer: