Alpinestars founder, Master leather craftsman, entrepreneur Sante Mazzarolo passed away on May 1, 2020 at his home in Master, Italy after battling with a long illness.

Alpinestars was founded back in 1963 by Mazzarolo. He used to be a skilled leatherworker and used his craftsmanship to make specialized boots for the fast-growing European motocross and enduro scenes.

His craftsmanship with off-road racing boots soon spread, everyone involved in this kind of racing wanted his boots. In 1970s, Alpinestars along with motocross legend Roger de Coster won their first World Motocross Championship. Further they won a total of four more championships together.

His experience and expertise allowed him to tackle unique hurdles of road racing protection. In 1978 Kenny Roberts won the World championship wearing by Alpinestars boots. Further the company began to grow, expanding into technical protective clothing for motorcycle racers, as well as other types of riders. Today, it produces technical gear for all kinds of international motorsport, from MotoGP to Formula One.

Alpinestars gear has protected and continues to protect so many types of riders that Mazzarolo’s enduring legacy extends much further than that. Sante Mazzarolo leaves behind his wife Dolly, as well as his three children: Gabriele, who is president and CEO of Alpinestars, Lucia, and Gloria.

May his soul rest in peace.

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