#GhareluBiker Challenge


Everyone is sitting at home during this lockdown. Work from Home is translated as “Work when you want to” in most of the cases. And where would our parents be; if not after us to wake up, shave, work. They now have slaves who are available for all household work. Especially when you are in this position whole day

How about not being completely useless around the home and helping out your family?

So here is a new challenge for you.


Our earlier challenge #FitBikerChallenge was for those fitness nuts who love to flaunt their abs (not bike’s ABS, their own). This challenge is for guys whose abs are called tummy where abs are secured by 6 inches of fat padding.

#GhareluBiker Challenge is very simple. The steps to do this challenge are -

    • Get off your butt.
    • Tell parents / wife that you will be helping with household work today.
    • If they faint, give them medical attention on priority. If they don’t, proceed to next step.
    • Send a photo of helping in household work while wearing riding gear. (Not all riding gear. Even one element of riding gear is ok)
    • Write a funny caption about the photo.
    • Post it on social media with #GhareluBiker hashtag.
    • Tag Store4Riders.com in your post.   
  • Go to Store4Riders.com and create an account. Here is the link - Create account
  • DM us the email ID you used for creating the account on Store4Riders.com

That’s it.

What do you get by doing this #GhareluBiker Challenge?

One awesome T-Shirt completely free – delivered to your home. This T-shirt is not sold anywhere else or by anyone else so you will be the only one flaunting it.

Q: Do I need to buy anything to get this free t-shirt?

A: No. Zilch. Nothing.

Q: What is the selection / shortlisting criteria?

A: Whatever we feel like. No arguments about “Mine is funnier than his”

Q: What is the period of this challenge?

A: The challenge ends on 25th April 2020

Q: What do we like?

A: We like people who have liked our page / following us and we like people who have public account (so that we can actually see their photo)

Q: What do we dislike?

A: People creating a new account just for participating in the challenge. Come on. You aren’t fooling anyone with your 1 post and 0 followers. Even Renu Mondal has more followers than that.

Q: How would you know my T-shirt size?

A: If your entry is shortlisted, we will get in touch with you to ask your T-shirt size. If that size is available, we will ship it to you. If that size isn’t available, then you can gift it to some friend. And this is unisex t-shirt. So gift it to your girlfriend (You will get only the t-shirt. Not the model.)

Q: When will I get the T-shirt?

A: Since the T-shirt will fall under non-essential commodity, we will ship them once lockdown gets over. Curently our team is on Work From Home mode. For more details, see the first image on this page. 

Q: What do you mean by household work?

A: This isn't household work ↓↓

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