Gear Oil (GL4) 80W-90 Scooter - Liqui Moly

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Quick Overview

Liqui Moly Gear Oil - For transmissions and final drives with normal to high loading.

High-performance, high-pressure gear oil manufactured from carefully selected base oils and multifunctional additives. The oil can therefore be used in a wide range of drives and transmissions.

(GL4) 80W-90 Scooter Gear Oil Properties -

  • Does not attack common sealing materials.
  • Excellent resistance to aging.
  • Minimizes wear.
  • High pressure-absorption capability.
  • Reduces running noise.
  • Excellent viscosity/temperature properties.

Specifications and approvals -

  • API GL4
  • MIL-L 2105

Technical data -

  • SAE class (gear oils) 80W-90
  • SAE J306