Show your fitness and earn discounts


Thanks for you overwhelming response to #FitBikerChallenge. The challenge is now unable to accept any new participants.


- Getting bored with this lockdown?

- Bored of binge watching?

- Itching to go out on a ride?

You can't! 

So how about something different? We have come up with a boredom busting idea during those lockdown days AND you can save some money in doing this..

It is very simple. Send us a video of you wearing a helmet and doing sit-ups. More number of sit-ups you do, more discount you earn. You do 10 sit-ups, you get 10%, You do 100 sit-ups, you get 100% discount. On Any Product you want.


Look at this video to see how the sit-ups are to be done:

Why sit-ups?

Because why not? What else can you do sitting at home? You can clean riding gear only so many times. (BTW, we have amazing guides for cleaning riding gear. Have a look at Maintain Riding Gear)


sit-ups are a multi-muscle exercise. sit-ups actually work the abdominals as well as other muscles groups, including:

  • chest
  • hip flexors
  • lower back
  • neck

Muscle cells are more metabolically active than fat cells. This means they burn calories even at rest. By helping you build muscle, sit-ups will help you burn more calories in the long run. Also, strong core muscles can help improve posture. Good posture can improve appearance without weight loss.

Now people who aren't gym rats won't know diddly doo about sit-ups. Worry not. Here are simple steps -

To perform a proper situp:

  • Lie down on your back.
  • Bend your legs and place feet firmly on the ground to stabilize your lower body.
  • Cross your hands to opposite shoulders or place them behind your ears, without pulling on your neck.
  • Curl your upper body all the way up toward your knees. Exhale as you lift.
  • Slowly, lower yourself down, returning to your starting point. Inhale as you lower.

Look at this video here

Warning: (our legal team gets nervous when we go off the track like this) While doing sit-ups, there is a possibility of lower back and neck injuries. You should ask a doctor for advice if you’ve had any related injuries to prevent strain.

Now comes the important part:

How do you get discount?

  • Click a video with you doing sit-ups while wearing a helmet.
  • Camera should show complete head to toe of you doing sit-ups.
  • No cheating. If you hook your feet under something, it would be easier for you BUT we count each situp only as half a situp.
  • Post the video on facebook / instagram with a hashtag #fitbikerchallenge
  • Tag in your post.
  • Go to and create an account. Here is the link - Create account
  • DM us the email ID you used for creating the account on
  • Voila. Done.

Our team will see the video and enable discount on your account. So in your next purchase, you have to pay less.

What is the catch?

Really nothing. Only thing is the discount is restricted till purchase amount of Rs.10,000/-. If you buy more expensive product…let’s say worth Rs.5 Lakh, you will get applicable discount only for Rs.10,000/-. Rest 4.90 Lakh purchase doesn’t get any discount.


  • We are currently sitting at home and whole team is either polishing bikes or cleaning riding gear. So posting video as a story won’t work. There is no way we will check your video immediately. Afterall, we are under lockdown for quite a long period. What is the hurry?
  • Also posting video in a private account won’t work. Only if someone like Rossi does it, we will be bothered to follow you back just to give you discount. Otherwise, no chance.

Thing you would want to know about #fitbikerchallenge

Q: What kind of a helmet

A: Any helmet as long as it is full face helmet.

Q: Are the products old / duplicate / used / out of date?

A: NO. Every product we sell is genuine and completely fresh. And you can select any of those. 

Q: If I can’t go out for a ride during lockdown, what is the point of me posting this and getting a discount?

A: Simple. You can purchase any time within 2 months from the day lockdown gets over. You still get the discount.

Q: How would you recognise that it is actually me who is doing sit-ups?

A: We trust you.

Q: If I post multiple videos, do I get more discount?

A: You want too much. No way you are getting anything more.

Q: If I don't want to buy anything but my friend does. Can I transfer my discount to him?

A: Nope. Since he is such a good friend, you can always order from your account. Just enter his address as delivery address.

Q: I did 29 sit-ups and you buggers are giving me only 20% discount

A: Our team is supreme judge of all videos. They know when you have not done a complete situp and when you have tried to splice together two videos. So whatever we decide, goes. No complaining. No crying. Nothing.

Q: I did 150 sit-ups. Would you give me 150% discount?

A: Nope. Don't brag about your fitness. We know you started working out just yesterday and after doing this challenge are unable to get up. You will get one product of your choice absolutely free of cost (as long as product cost is Rs.10,000 or less)

Q: I am rich. I don't want to get any discount. 

A: Anyway you ain't going to gym so why not become fitter?

Q: What is the period of this offer?

A: This ends on 14th April 2020 but then don't you know how people work from home?so someone may decide to turn it off earlier or later. 

Update: Our team forgot to turn it off yesterday night so they might as well goof off today also. The challenge will end at midnight today.

So what all products we offer? Have a look at few of them: