Carberry Vibration Reduction Plate for Royal Enfield 350 and 500

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This revolutionary product is a must have for all Royal Enfield riders. The vibration reduction plate reduces vibrations to a significant level, hence providing the rider a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

This special plate is designed to support and stabilize the RH crank shaft which is cantilevered after the bearing and is under load of cams and rotor, causes a moment which gives rotor a wobbling movement, hence forming vibrations on high revs.This product smoothens out these vibrations and gives a smoother RE engine

Benefits of the product:

  • It inhibits the flex/vibration caused by having a heavy rotor magnet on the end of the RH shaft. This is done by the additional support of another bearing.
  • Helps in minimizing vibration above 60Kmph, giving a smoother ride and less rider fatigue.
  • Also the fatigue of the motorcycle engine in general is lessened having lower vibrations and increased bearing life.
  • Reduced cam wheel wear because of less crank oscillation ; also closer cam backlash can be maintained for longer.

Note: Compatible with Royal Enfield 350 and 500 (UCE Models) and Not suitable for other bike.

Refer the video for installation process :


  • Please watch the installation video on our website thoroughly.
  • Remove the 2 dowels and do not refit them.
  • The bearing center must be fitted before the plate so that there is no preload on the bearing.
  • Before the plate goes on, it may be a good time to adjust cam backlash but do not attempt this unless you are well versed with this procedure.

Refer the video for Analysis of Vibration Reduction Plate :

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