Barrel Exhaust Ghost 2.0 Royal Enfield bullet silencer

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Quick Overview

Ghost 2.0 Royal Enfield bullet silencer is the improvised and upgraded version of its predecessor Barrel Exhaust GHOST 1.0. GHOST 2.0 was born out of a need for a high performance exhausts for Royal Enfield bikes.

Specifications of Barrel Exhaust GHOST 2.0 Royal Enfield bullet silencer:

  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel 304.
  • Precision high strength TIG welding to make sure it hangs on while you jump over all the obstacles during off road riding.
  • Provides great sound and thump.

Note : This aftermarket exhaust produces the thump which is within the permissible sound levels. However, there is a possibility that local authorities might not permit any aftermarket exhausts in your area. The manufacturer / store4riders will not be responsible in such cases and we are not liable for any claims, refunds or returns.

Note: Using any aftermarket product on the motorcycle may void the motorcycle manufacturer's warranty and Barrel Exhaust, it's team and selling partners are not to be held responsible for any loss arising due to the use of Barrel Exhaust product.


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